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Leadership Development Programme

Our Leadership Development Programme will help leaders of all levels achieve their department goals by creating a high performance culture. It transforms their thinking, language and ability, allowing them to improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and productivity.  Each workshop can now be delivered via zoom technology for £500 – Zooming your Leadership Development.  

How our Leadership Development Programme adds value to your business


This Leadership Development Programme will help leaders to understand the impact their behaviour and style has on their department’s performance. It develops employee engagement and improves customer satisfaction and productivity.

Workshop Style

Workshops are highly participative and include lectures, discussions, group activities, videos and questionnaires.  In addition, they include activities relating to current work issues.

Teaching Approach

Tracey blends her general management experience with her extensive knowledge of HR and leadership development and brings theories and models to life. Her style is practical, fun, commercial and down to earth.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

To accelerate the achievement of department goals, executive coaching & mentoring is also recommended. Above all, it helps leaders transfer their learning to their working environment.

Zooming your Leadership Development

All workshops can now be delivered via zoom video technology. With a maximum of 8 delegates per workshop, delivered over two x 3 hour sessions we guarantee complete delegate engagement. At a total cost of £500 per workshop it makes a cost effective alternative to traditional face to face delivery.

Read more about Tracey here.

This Leadership Development Programme can transform most managers into remarkable leaders


Coaching is a leadership style that encourages and supports staff to have a go at a task. Coaching gives staff the confidence to aim bigger, think creatively and have a go.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence allows leaders to get the most out of every individual every day. This includes themselves, by being able to control their own emotions and recognise the emotions of others.

Employee Engagement

According to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, engaged staff can improve business performance by 23%. 

Leadership & Management

Using effective leadership & management styles will allow leaders to engage with individual team members better. This will improve discretionary effort, productivity & creativity.

Having Difficult Conversations

Having an effective difficult conversation will reduce the risk of sickness absence. It will also reduce the likelihood of grievances, productivity decreasing, and employee engagement being impacted. 

Presentation Skills

Interesting, informative & motivational staff presentations are essential. They keep everyone focused on business goals, progress made, as well as recognising great performance. 

Performance Management

Professional, supportive and engaging staff reviews allow leaders to keep team members focused on individual goals. Staff also understand the contribution they make to Company goals.

Empowering Change

Developing an awareness of the change management process and creating strong foundations ensures everyone trusts their leader, is consulted, kept involved and updated.

Discipline and Grievance

Following company policies, the ACAS code of conduct and Employment legislation is good practice. It will significantly reduce the risk of legal fees, compensation payments and the potential for bad publicity occurring.


When team members trust and respect each other and appreciate everyone’s strengths, goals are more likely to be achieved. Being able to challenge each other in a healthy and constructive manner and holding each other to account will encourage employee engagement and a high-performance culture.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity recognises that, though people have many things in common with each other, they are also different in many ways.  Being yourself 100% of the time will improve employee engagement and business performance.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

To accelerate the achievement of business goals, executive coaching & mentoring is available to help leaders transfer their learning from the Leadership Development Programme to their working environment.

Recruitment & Selection

Having a thorough recruitment process will assist decision making and ensure the probationary period is easier to manage. A comprehensive recruitment, selection and induction process allows new staff to settle in quickly and become productive and engaged faster.

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