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Practical People

We are a one stop shop for all of your HR needs, based in Yorkshire. We can set up your ‘People’ foundations by developing your HR policies, contracts of employment and staff handbook. We can involve your leaders and staff with policy development through our Organisational Development workshops. We can train your leaders in how to get the best out of their team so that your Company goals are achieved. We can also support your leaders with any employee relations issues that they may have along the way. 

Everything we do can now be delivered via zoom technology.

Leadership Development Programme

Helping leaders to achieve their business goals by developing their leadership & management skills which will create employee engagement and a high performance culture.

HR Policies & Contracts of Employment

We can work with you in creating your own HR Policies and Contracts of Employment that are personalised with your Company logo. We can also create a Staff Handbook which incorporates your Company rules and HR policies.

Organisational Development

Creating a high performance culture through a series of Organisational Development workshops. These workshops can now be delivered via zoom video technology.


We help employees get a fair deal from their employer. We can submit an Employment Tribunal claim for you if you have been unfairly dismissed. Did you know that 90% of claims are settled before they get to court?

We can also create compelling Grievance and Appeal letters that set the foundation for an EXIT strategy and financial settlement.

HR Support & Advice

With a choice of on-site or remote HR Support & Advice we can provide an unbiased approach to your employee relations issues. We can work in partnership with your leaders. Alternatively, we can manage the process from start to finish without your direct involvement


I wanted to take this opportunity to recognise the great work you did on behalf of one of my clients recently.
Your thorough approach, attention to detail and skilful people management appeared to be appreciated by employer and employee alike. Whilst the parties may have been bitterly
antagonistic and distrusting of one another, it didn’t appear at any stage that either side doubted your fairness or even handedness.
From my perspective, your methodical and careful way of dealing with the investigation was enormously helpful and, I strongly suspect, played a significant part in persuading the parties to put aside their differences and find common ground in order to draw a line under the matter.
I won’t hesitate to continue to refer and recommend you where there is opportunity to do so.

Euan Lawrence

Solicitor Partner, Blacks Solicitors LLP

During the initial discussions, Tracey was very attentive to detail and took on what we required along with her expert knowledge to create bespoke HR policies, staff employment contracts and our company staff handbook. She spent a lot of time with us on the phone speaking to us about ways we can encourage our staff to bring the best out of them and provide excellent client communication. Her policies can be used for a lifetime for our company

Kay Ali (LLB) (Hons)

Practice Manager/Director, The Leeds Clinic

Practical People created contracts of employment, HR policies and a staff handbook, as well as job descriptions and staff appraisal forms for my team of 10 employees. Tracey also advised me when I had conduct issues with two of my staff. As well as providing advice for disciplinary hearings and related letters, she also agreed to attend the meetings for me, which I very much appreciated. Tracey also supported the company through an Employment Tribunal which was very stressful but had a positive outcome for my company.

I think anyone running a small business who has staff, especially in the current climate, would really benefit from Tracey’s services, as it can be timely and costly to make good a bad situation or decision.   

Tracey is professional, knowledgeable, and generous with her time and I would have no hesitation in recommending her HR services.

Gary Blackmore

Operations Director, Reglaze

I have very much enjoyed the Zooming your Leadership Development® programme. The online facility is fab! and I love that you can send us into separate meeting groups.  The interaction between the group and yourself is very powerful as we can share our thoughts and learning and therefore ‘pinch’ best practice and apply to our own roles.  The examples you use when detailing new processes really resonate for me when the examples relate to work scenarios.  This is particularly useful for learning intricate details of other department roles. I am looking forward to our next workshops

Nicki Higgins

Business Development Manager

I would highly recommend Tracey for any business looking to make a cultural change to one that encourages self development and close relationships with colleagues within. The development is meticulously planned, passionately delivered and has served many Jardine Motors managers well over the course of their careers. 

Paul Ivory

Divisional Sales Director, Jardine Motors

I was very privileged to be one of the first candidates enrolled into Tracey’s GMDP (General Manager Development Programme) creation for Jardine Motors Group. With Tracey’s insight, tenacity, forward thinking and determination the course was a fantastic success and the many more after; and the learnings that I received have given me the bedrock to forward my career and successes in the motor industry. Thank you Tracey.

Mark Gibbings

Market Area Director, Vertu Mercedes-Benz

I was exceptionally lucky to experience first-hand Tracey’s coaching of the Lancaster Group’s Management Development Programme (MDP). Tracey covered a variety of sessions, all aimed at developing a Manager’s skills and understanding of complex, mainly people based issues that you face when running a department or business. She did this with an excellent blend of passion, enthusiasm, seriousness and relevant first-hand experience to ensure that we, the delegates, were kept fully engaged and challenged. I thoroughly enjoyed these opportunities to learn from Tracey, and still to this day use the skills she taught me. What validates her sessions is the fact she has led in the HR field for many years, and went onto run two successful retailers whilst further improving their profitability and retention / engagement of the employees she worked with.

Andy Dolan

Regional Sales Development Manager

When I was given the opportunity to become Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive of Jardine Motors Group t/as Lancaster plc. back in 2008, it was suggested to me by the CEO at the time to attend the group's Management Development Programme (MDP)which was led by Tracey, in the main to build up my confidence for my new role.

Although very daunting at the time, Tracey led me through the many individual modules and always carried out the sessions with great passion and enthusiasm. I truly believe (as did our CEO) that Tracey was the one who pushed me to the next level, and instilled confidence in me, and 11 years on, I am still in the role. I will always remain thankful to Tracey for believing in me and helping me in my journey.

Rachel Jones

Personal Assistant to Chief Executive

After trying many approaches with regards to recruitment, we decided that we needed a specialist, that could grow with us and have the knowledge to advise us on all aspects of recruitment.

We work closely with Tracey and see her as a valuable extension to our own company.

Tracey is always straight talking and approachable. Her knowledge is unrivalled and she is considered an expert within the industry.

We look forward to working with Tracey again in the near future.

Adam Kershaw

Director, Aqualine Ltd

Without any hesitation and indeed it gives me a great deal of pleasure to recommend Tracey Hirst and her company Practical People to any individuals or organisations who are looking for professional HR services, representations including employment and equality legislation, advice, and guidance.

I have worked with Tracey several times and I have also heard very positive feedback regarding her work with other clients within my network. Tracey has a great deal of experience in her field of work including writing and advising on HR policies and procedures, training for managers and staff. Tracey shows an excellent degree of flexibility with bespoke work for employers and organisations of all sizes and industry sectors.

What I would also wish to say about Tracey's work is that her values and those of her organisation are very much driven by ethics and good leadership principles and the motivation to make a positive difference in helping people and bringing about greater equality and inclusion.

I was very happy with the first-rate quality of her work with me on autism awareness, workplace bullying and mental health projects. Tracey compiled some excellent webinar resources for my company. It is certainly refreshing and morale boosting to work with someone such as Tracey, who has such a passion for helping others and creating a positive impact in those fields.

Dave Gregson

Founder and Director, I2I4

I contacted Practical People when my employer first started to talk to me about redundancy and I felt that I was being singled out due to my age.

I found Tracey to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, she put my genuine concerns to rest and proceeded to work actively and timely on my case, ensuring the whole process went smoothly. Explaining each step in the procedure and advising on the decisions I needed to make.

The outcome was a negotiated agreement to my advantage which actually exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Practical People, their experienced, professional and efficient service is second to none, a small company delivering big results.


Bradford, West Yorkshire.

I sold my business and as part of the sale agreement I continued in my role as director with the new company. Shortly afterwards it became apparent that the new directors wanted me out and started a campaign of bullying. This was something I had never experienced before. Initially I was shocked and angry at how they undermined me and excluded me from business meetings and decision making. They then attempted to impose a new contract of employment with less benefits and protection for me. As time progressed I started to feel isolated, demoralised, and very distressed.

I spoke with Practical People about my situation and Tracey assured me that my new employers were breaching employment legislation as well as the ACAS code of conduct. After several phone calls & emails Tracey created a 7-page grievance letter which completely changed the attitude and behaviour of the directors concerned and secured me a financial settlement which I was very happy with.

During this time I found Tracey to be extremely knowledgeable, professional & fair. Her approach to customer service was excellent - 110%!



Tracey helped me navigate some difficult legal aspects of a disability employment dispute with clockwork precision. One of the aspects that made me feel extremely at ease and safe is the absolute passion she puts into what she does. She has always been punctual, clear, and explaining technical aspects that otherwise may have been challenging and most of all she has a very high level of humanity that helps to connect and understand her client's needs and emotions.



I really enjoyed the Zooming your Leadership Development® programme.  I thought you did a really good job with how you set up Zoom so that we could see all of your information but could also be interactive at the same time.  The training wasn’t rushed which was great, but also kept up a good pace so that my concentration remained focused.

It was interesting to discuss the differences between Management and Leadership and learn about the different types and quality of Leadership styles.  This will benefit me going forwards as to how to treat different situations as and when I come across them to get the best out of the team. 

I look forward to the next session 

Rebecca Forrest

Customer Service Team Leader

The Zooming your Leadership Development® programme was really engaging and informative, I really enjoyed the group activities in the breakout room as it allows me to see the view-point of other people and how they would approach topics. After the workshop I have self-evaluated a lot and have been practicing self-control when approaching tasks that are difficult. 

As well as this I have been working with K to look at ways in which I can empower and support her more, whilst allowing her the freedom to develop her own approach to tasks we set.  I know you have sent over some questions to complete and just so you know I will be looking at that this evening 😊  

Selene Brammah

Team Leader

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tracey for well over 20 years since originally working together in the Jardine Automotive Group. She is the consummate professional and a very high quality facilitator in being able to unlock the true potential in people at all levels and really develop each individuals set of unique skills. She has a wealth of HR and comprehensive training skills that she has perfected over many years and I have seen these really flourish as her career has progressed across various sectors of business and industry. Her personality is positively infectious, always motivational and totally genuine.

John Fickling

Experienced Automotive Professional / Consultant

At the start of my career in Management, I was lucky enough to be chosen to attended Jardine Motors MDP (Management Development Programme) back in 2005. The course was run by Tracey once a month over a year covering all subjects we need as Managers in modern retailing. It was a pivotal course for me in my early years of management and gave me the skills I needed and have used throughout my career so far. Afterwords I continued working with Tracy and really appreciate her support and coaching, so more than happy to recommend Tracey. 

Daniel Hutchinson

General Sales Manager

I was lucky enough to be enrolled on the Jardine Motors Management development program, Tracey’s coaching skill aloud me to grow as a manager and have more confidence, she was always there for guidance and support, Tracey genuinely has a heart of gold and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. 

I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without her support!

Phil Gadsby

Regional Service Manager

I was fortunate to experience Tracey’s coaching skills as part of the Lancaster Group’s Management Development Programme (MDP) The course delivered a variety of topics which aimed to enhance the skills of Lancaster’s line managers. Tracey delivery of the course material which was mainly people based was engaging and challenging, Tracey’s blend of delivering the material with passion and enthusiasm made the programme really worthwhile, I still find myself using some of the techniques I acquired today. Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to learn these skills.

Andy Berry

Aftersales Manager

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