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Our founder, Tracey Hirst, has over 25 years experience in HR and leadership development. She has demonstrated that a sound knowledge of employment law and and great leadership skills can significantly improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. She did this whilst managing a Volkswagen dealership for three years, improving profitability year on year. In addition to completing her Masters in Strategic Management at Loughborough university in 2014, she is also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.




Tracey Hirst is the founder of Practical People and also works as a HR Director within the Company.  She is passionate about helping companies improve their business performance by utilising her vast experience in HR, Leadership Development and Operational Management. Tracey is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and has as a Masters’ Degree in Strategic Management which she gained at Loughborough University in 2014. 

Leadership Development & HR Experience

Tracey has gained significant experience in all aspects of Human Resource Management and Leadership Development. For 17 years she worked for one of the UK’s leading automotive groups. Whilst working as Head of HR,  she set up two HR Help Desks and managed a diverse range of employee relations issues including performance management, absence management, disciplinaries and redundancies. In addition, she was the driving force behind the Company’s Leadership Development Programme. This ensured the succession pipeline was always full. Internal promotions during this period was very high. She worked with leaders in developing and implementing HR policies.

Working for a not for profit company for three years, Tracey was able to improve the HR department. This was from working as a silo with poor attitude, to one which was supportive and helpful to both staff and managers. In addition, she was also able to improve the culture of the Company.  This was achieved through a Leadership Development Programme and Executive Coaching.

Commercial Experience

Whilst managing a VW dealership Tracey was accountable for a turnover of £17 million and a headcount of 50 people, including staff from sales, administration, service and parts. Financial performance was increased by 33% in the first year, 26% in the second year and 11% in the third year. Tracey significantly improved employee engagement and customer satisfaction whilst in the role. After the second year her dealership became the 27th best performing business in a VW network of 247 dealerships and the top performing dealership in the Jardine Motors Group which had 51 businesses.

This was achieved with minimal commercial skills,  good leadership and management skills and the ability to get outstanding results from every team member. A sound understanding of employment law ensured great foundations and standards were set and poor performance and conduct were dealt with efficiently and within the law.


Practical People

Since establishing Practical People, Tracey has been working with leaders in creating fair and easy to manage HR policies. To help leaders achieve their business goals she has been delivering a Leadership Development Programme which helps managers create employee engagement. In addition, this improves customer satisfaction, productivity and the bottom line. Combined with HR policies that set out the rules and support the company culture, she makes the management of staff fair and simple with minimal risk to the business. Tracey can work on site or remotely.

Tracey is confident she can transform most managers into remarkable leaderswww.practicalpeople.co.uk/leadership-development-programme/

With her help, Directors can improve their return on investment and limit any risk to their Company.


Practical People work with a range of associates who compliment their services.

Tracey Hirst Chartered FCIPD MSc

HR Director

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