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Organisational Development

Creating a high performance culture through a series of Organisational Development workshops. These workshops can now be delivered via zoom video technology for £500.

Organisational Development & Effectiveness

This Organisational Development & Effectiveness workshop will provide the foundations that leaders need to achieve their Company goals. It is highly interactive and inclusive and reviews and develops:

  • Company strategy & goals
  • Organisational structure & job roles
  • Accountabilities & responsibilities
  • Communication
  • HR Policies
  • Staff behaviour & performance
  • Technical, customer service and leadership skills
  • Leadership style and culture so that it creates employee engagement
  • Systems – operational, processes & procedures

Values & Behaviours

This workshop includes the whole workforce and gets everyone involved in creating Company values and bringing them to life. It includes:

  • Getting your workforce involved in creating your Company values
  • Forming a cross sectional team to create behaviours that bring the values to life
  • Developing and encouraging appropriate staff and leader behaviour
  • Integrating the Company values into day to day activities
  • Incorporating the Company values into staff documents and company processes such as job descriptions, staff reviews, the recruitment process & your website
  • Reinforcing the Company values moving forward

Performance Management

This workshop works best when it follows the Organisation Development & Effectiveness workshop. It develops strategies that develop employee engagement and accountability within the workforce. It is highly interactive and inclusive and includes:

  • Linking Company strategy & goals to each department
  • Linking department goals to a department plan and individual team member objectives
  • Developing team member competencies
  • Defining team member objectives
  • Developing team member behaviours so that they support Company values
  • Developing accountability & responsibility matrices for each department
  • Developing a Recognition Programme
  • Improving how poor performance is managed
  • Developing a Staff Performance policy
  • Creating template forms to bring performance management to life

Managing Sickness Absence

This workshop will create the foundations for a fair and transparent Managing Sickness Absence policy. It will help leaders when they need to make unpopular and difficult decisions with staff they are working with on a daily basis. It is highly interactive and inclusive and includes:

  • Carrying out a Company review & understanding how your Company compares to other companies nationally and regionally
  • Helping leaders to deal with planned & unplanned absence
  • Helping leaders to understand the types of triggers that can be used
  • Learning how to use reasonable adjustments
  • Developing absence reporting & management
  • Teaching leaders how to carry out effective return to work interviews
  • Developing the management of long-term sickness
  • Teaching leaders how to conduct formal sickness absence review meetings
  • Implementing review periods
  • Reducing the risk of sickness absence by developing simple strategies
  • Developing a Managing Sickness Absence policy

Pay Grading

This workshop for leaders will develop the foundations to encourage a high performance culture which supports behaviours that link to Company values.  It is interactive and inclusive, and covers:

  • Bench-marking jobs to define the best rate of pay for each band, ensuring talent is attracted & retained
  • Developing a benefits package that encourages & rewards the right behaviours & performance
  • Linking the right performance, behaviours & competencies to band levels and benefits
  • Developing a recognition programme to encourage and reward the right behaviours & performance
  • Developing a pay grading structure & policy

Recruitment & Selection

This workshop will provide the foundations that leaders need to attract talent and achieve their Company goals. It is highly interactive and inclusive and covers:

  • Creating job advert templates for key roles
  • Creating job application questions
  • Creating telephone interview questions
  • Developing recruitment/assessment days
  • Developing the Company website & employer branding
  • Developing a Recruitment, Selection & Induction policy
  • Creating recruitment templates specifically designed for your Company


This workshop will create the foundations to help new staff settle into their new role quickly and become productive and engaged sooner. It is highly interactive and inclusive and works with leaders in:

  • Managing the gap from the new employee resigning and starting with your Company
  • Developing a “Welcome to the Company” induction programme
  • Developing job induction training
  • Developing probationary review forms & checklists
  • Developing buddy roles
  • Developing an Induction HR policy
  • After the final review:

    – ‘Confirming employment’ letter

    – ‘Extending the probationary period’ letter

    – ‘Dismissing the employee’ letter

Team Communication

This workshop will provide the foundations that leaders need to keep their workforce informed, consulted with and involved in, regarding the company, its plans and its goals. It is highly interactive and inclusive and develops a communication strategy along with some helpful tools and templates:

Developing formal and informal approaches to staff communication, including:

  • External events
  • Internal events
  • Department updates
  • 1 – 1 Reviews
  • Email and intranet sites
  • Creating groups of cross-sectional staff who can work together on business improvement project

https://www.practicalpeople.co.uk/leadership-management//         https://www.gov.uk/

Customer Service

This workshop will provide the foundations that leaders need to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction every time, even when things go wrong. It works best when when the Organisational Development & Effectiveness workshop, Values & Behaviours workshop and the Performance Management workshop have been run and implemented. It is highly interactive and inclusive and creates a Customer Service Strategy that includes the development of:

  • A customer-centric culture
  • Outstanding processes
  • Customer touch-points
  • ‘Customer Champions’
  • Customer satisfaction measurements
  • ‘Keeping your Customer’ approach
  • Investigating and managing situations when things go wrong
  • Creating ‘base’ templates for customer communication Organisational Development

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